About CAR/W


Established in 2002, the Center serves CSU faculty and public agencies in their work to ensure the literacy development of Californians. A Council of Faculty Representatives and an Advisory Board provide direction for the Center’s activities.

The Faculty Council is made up of one literacy faculty member from each of the 22 campuses that have teacher preparation programs and CalStateTEACH. The Advisory Board consists of several CSU faculty members and representatives from the following public organizations:

  • California State Parent Teacher Association
  • Association of California School Administrators
  • California School Boards Association
  • Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee of California County Superintendents Educational Services Association
  • California Department of Education
  • California Reading Association

Mission Statement

The CSU Center for the Advancement of Reading and Writing, dedicated to excellence in literacy instruction, promotes the preparation of knowledgeable and highly skilled teachers and reading/literacy specialists in the California State University by:

  • Facilitating faculty communication and research;
  • Disseminating research and policy information;
  • Fostering connections among the CSU literacy faculty, P-12 partners, and public education stakeholders; and
  • Serving as a forum for the interchange of public and academic interests.

The Center is committed to ensuring that California’s children and adolescents will be capable readers and writers; as such, they will have the greatest chance of becoming successful and productive citizens in today’s changing world.



Dr. Tanya Flushman 
CAR/W Co-Director and 
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 


Center for the Advancement of
Reading and Writing  
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